Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Malyc Ok, so when are we adding Cthulhu?

@Link: Interesting... though caveats would have to be placed on the Wild Card. For example, only being allowed to ask one question in total as the Spy, saving one person as the Medic, et cetera.

@Wild Card: Oh geez, that was more positive support than I was expecting. I mostly just wrote that role up as a joke to Rimmy having every role. XP

Still, if you guys like it, we could actually develop it a little bit.

@CA: So when you say one medic save, would that be one save in the game total? Or just one save per cycle that they roll medic?

Also, one total spy question is a pretty good level of control. Any additional rolls onto spy would just turn them into a normal citizen for that cycle.


@Hobo: Um... That's a good question... And will probly be answered in the Precipice RP...

*Pokemon rap marathon*

@Link: One save per cycle, since the chance of Medic is 1/6.

And of course, should the Wild Card choose to use their power of the Priest or Arbiter, they don't get to reveal their (limited) Spy-gained information.

On that note, I think the rolls should be kept to once every other cycle. Just in case.

@CA:'s a thought.

Three of the roles are considered decisive roles (Spy, Arbiter, Priest). If the Wild Card utilizes the power of any of these three roles, they are no longer able to use an ability from a decisive role. If the GM rolls one of those roles, then the Wild Card just acts as a normal citizen for that cycle.

I'm not sure if I like changing every other cycle. I sort of like the idea that the conditions are constantly shifting. If they get a role they don't like, then they don't have to stick with it for long. If they do get a role they like, then they will need to act quickly in order to use it or it could go to waste.

This brings up another issue. Since the wild card could potentially gain Arbiter powers late in the game, would we want them to be subject to the same Arbiter restrictions? I can see a strong argument for having it either way.

@Link: Hmm. Perhaps you misunderstood. When I said 'roll every other cycle', I meant that the Wild Card only has a role in the cycle that the roll takes place. They are a normal participant in cycles that do not require a roll.

I'm not sure I like the 'decisive role' concept. As for Arbiter restrictions, I vote that yes, the Wild Card should be subject to the same rules and regulations as the regular Arbiter. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of giving the Wild Card the role of others.

@CA: I'll be honest, I don't like the 'every other cycle thing' at all. It's basically adding a level of predictability to a role that revels in randomness. I see what you're trying to do with the control but there are other ways.

Could you elaborate on why you don't like the decisive role idea? I don't know if I can effectivly argue my reasoning for it if I don't know what the nature of your objection is.

@Link: I'm not entirely sure on that... just the thought of categorising the roles into groups bugs me a little. Dunno why. >=/

Other ways of control? Like what? I'm not sure I can think of any other ways. But then, that is my mentality most of the time. Find one path and stick to it.

@CA: But you can admit that some roles have far more power to change the course of a game than others, am I right? An Arbiter dramatically killing themselves and another has far more immediate impact than a Medic who may or may not be saving a life each time.

If it helps, don't consider it a classification of the roles themselves. Rather, it's just a power interlock. If they ask a spy question, commit an arbiter kill, or make a priest revival, then they are simply unable to use any of those powers again. If they use one, then they lose the ability to use any of the three.

This also helps to control the class. Initially, there is a 5/6 chance that the Wild card can make an action this cycle. However, if they become the spy and ask a question, the entire dynamic of the class is immediately reduced. Now, there is only a 1/3 chance that they will have a role. Additionally, the impact of this role is not felt as heavily by the entire playing field.

Basically, if a Wild Card is lucky and decides to be hasty, then they are rewarded with a short term blessing followed by a quick dive into relative irrelevance. If they are patient, then they can save the power for a time when it will be more useful...however, there is no real way to be sure that they will ever actually gain the ability that they want.

Does that make sense? I'm not really proofing myself since my attention is split.

EDIT: Death moved here for continuity's sake.

I was waiting for Fragrance, but he's been out of reach the past three days. Sorry for the cliffhanger.

@Link: Quite honestly... Nope. You lost me at the first sentence.

@Randm: I TOLD you to calm down... Now you've gone and gave yourself a heart attack!

He's not dead. He's got a dead ringer! He must be the spy!

*pokes with shotgun*



@hobo: What would Cthulhu do? Kill everyone in a round? Or just sleep it off? :P

@RaNDM: Don't blame you. Being dead does that to people sometimes.

@Redlin: You did something mighty suspicious there, you did. One could say you genuinely poked him with the barrel of the shotgun... or you could've poked with a 9-gauge round.

Lynch him!

@Schizzy: No better, I have a new model of sunglasses with spikes in them. We just make him put it on and the spikes will dig into his eyes. That should torture him a good.

@staika: :O

Why would you design glasses like that?! And without telling me?!

Spikes are so yesterday... put ear-locks and a slow burning laser on it instead.

@Schizzy: Because the idea came to me late at night and I had to build it before I forgot about it. We could make some modifications to it and make it shoot lasers instead. It is just a prototype at the moment.

@staika: All is forgiven then. Lets stick the spiky ones on Red first.

@Schizzy: An excellent decision. I'll let you do the honors since I made these behind your back. Hopefully the test run will provide good results
*hands schizzy the spike sunglasses*

@Redlin: Okay Redlin, you're gonna have to put these on. They're anti-lynch glasses.


*Smashes Rimmy into a red paste*


*Smashes Rimmy into a red paste*


*Dodges Schizzy's hand*

captcha: practice makes perfect. Indeed.

2 Hours...

@Beren: Its been 2 hours... soooo... uh... what happens now?


@Link: Let's add the Wildcard next round! :D

@Malyc. Can't type much, too busy playing guild wars 2

@Wild Card: Hm... I like it, and it could be interesting, but what I fear is that we're making SK way too complicated than it needs to be with all of these ever growing roles. I'm willing to give it a shot next round, however.

But things like this are what makes me kind of want to try Serial Killer: Classic. Just some old fashioned stuff. No spies, no medics, just the killer and the wits of everyone else.

@War Penguin: You'd be willing to give it a try next round if your running it? :P

@Classic SK: I'm curious since I'm new to this shizzle, but if you have no roles other than the killer, how is it any different to just randomly guessing?

@VonKlaw: As I am susceptible to skepticism (say that three times fast), I'm willing to try things out.

And it's sort of like that, but this time we use this whole thread to communicate with each other to guess together who we think the killer might be. Granted, it's one of those situations where we've gotta learn not to take things personally, though. <_<

War Penguin:
But things like this are what makes me kind of want to try Serial Killer: Classic. Just some old fashioned stuff. No spies, no medics, just the killer and the wits of everyone else.

I'd sure love to try that out.

@Schizzy: No thanks, I've already got my shades.


@Redlin: THERE my sunglasses are!


@Malyc Still haven't found your hat have you?

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