We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Black put her hands in pockets, relaxing slightly. "So Yuki hasn't got up yet then?"

OoC: Anti-myself!

OOC: Well I am the Hatchy-Hatchy!

"I think she will be up soon enough." Persephone said yo Black, looking back into the cave.

Soon enough, the foxgirl emerged from the cave, stretching out and yawning as usual. "How the hell are you two up so early?" She lazily inquired as she walked toward them.

"Simple, it's called getting up before moonlight" Black said to Yukino.

"I don't sleep." Persephone replied with a smile to Yukino.

Yukino's eyes narrowed a small bit as she looked toward Black. "I'm sorry that I need my beauty sleep. It keeps me from looking like a vampire." She retorted jokingly while patting one of her cheeks. Turning to Persephone, she shrugged. "Well... don't you have all the luck? I'd kill to be able to run without sleeping."

Black blinked twice. "A vampire?" She said, then quickly moved behind Yukino and rested her chin on her left shoulder. "Well that neck of yours does look kinda tempting, I wonder if your blood tastes nice?" She asked Yuki sarcastically.

"I think you wouldn't be too troubled, being a vampire." Persephone replied with a smirk.

Yuki turned to Black with a wide grin, her fangs showing. "Go ahead. I don't mind..." She leaned in a little closer as her eyes had a mischievous glint to them. "...as long as you let me taste yours."

She shrugged toward PErsephone, smiling as well. "Well... yeah. I wonder if I was born in the wrong type of body sometimes. You wouldn't mind if I tried to taste your blood...smoke...whatever either, right?"

"I suppose." Persephone replied, seeming serious.

Black gave a small smile. "Fine, as long as you promise not to hurt me" She said to Yukino, taking her chin off her shoulder.

Yukino made a small squee as she nodded and seemingly warped behind Black, leaning near her neck. "I'll be gentle..." She whispered before lightly biting into the girl's neck.

Turning to Persephone, she gave the muse a thumbs up as she still had her teeth in Black's neck.

Black winced a bit as Yukino stuck her fangs into her necks, she looked away to left slightly. "Is what they mean by a 'love bite' then?" She muttered. If Yukino cared to looked, she would see that Black's blood had a tint of darkblue to it.

"Hmm...Young love..." Persephone murmured as she watched Black and Yukino.

Yuki sighed happily after a few moments before licked the residual dark blue blood off her lips. She placed a hand over the two small holes her fangs had created before chanting something under her breath. Soon enough, the pain in Black's neck would be gone and the wounds would be closed.

The foxgirl's tails swished a bit as she seemed to be thinking. "A little sweeter than I expected... Thanks Black..." She looked over toward Persephone with serious eyes. "Do you want me to bite you too?"

"You're more than welcome to try." Persephone said with her own mischievous grin, and even a wink.

Black seemed to blush a little bit. "Your....welcome...Good to know I taste sweet..." She said to Yukino, rubbing her neck a little as the pain went away. That recovered quite quickly...

Yuki casually ran up to the muse and attempted the same thing she did with Black. "K thanks, Madam Smoke!"

Yukino would find herself biting into thin air as Percey smoked behind her, hugging her and resting her chin on the other girls head. She hugged Yuik around the waist, pushing her breasts up a bit.

As her bite attempted missed, the sound of chomping teeth could be heard before the muse hugged Yuki. The foxgirl flailed a bit in her grasp, blushing quite a bit. "Hey! No fair, I wasn't ready for this!! Hacks! HACKS!" She feebly protested.

Persephone giggled a little. "You are quite funny like this..." she said as she playfully nibbled at one of Yuki's ears.

Black just watched Yuki and Persy's actions towards each other, remaining silence.

Yuki blushed a bit more as her ears were being nibbled. Thinking somewhat quickly, she transformed herself into her fox form and fell out of Persey's grasp before leaping and doing a frontflip onto Black's head. As it landed, the fox stood on its hind legs and extended its front legs like a gymnast sticking the landing.

"mmm...so you'd rather have Black bite you then? Is that it?" Persephone asked as she folded her arms over her chest.

Black instantly took the Yuki-fox off her head and hugged it happily. "Full of tricks aren't you" She said to Yuki-fox with a small smile.

The fox gave Black's cheek a lick before hopping out of her grasp and returning to her humanoid form. She put a finger on her own chin as she mocked contemplating something. "Well... if you really wanted to bite me that badly, Madam Smoke... All you needed to do was ask, no need to be all sneaky. ...But I do owe Black one small nibble at least." She said, shrugging a small bit.

She gave Black a large grin. "Of course I'm full of tricks! Otherwise things would get boring quick!"

Percey suddenly smoked over to the two girls and hugged them both around the neck at once. "I am not sneaky" she protested.

Black was rather surprised by Persephone's hug. "No of course your not, your just fast and quiet..." She said in response. "Well I guess that's true at least" She said to Yukino with a small smile.

Yukino looked over toward Persey with an unimpressed look. "So you're not sneaky... just... sneaky." The foxgirl smirked toward Black. "Don't say that like you don't have some little hidden tricks up your sleeve either." She said, tugging her collar as a small reminder.

"Hmm..." Persephone hummed as she smoked away and stated gliding away from the cave.

Black gave a single "Ha" to Yukino. "I might have, but a magician never revels there secrets" She said with a small smirk, then hugged Yukino lightly from behind. "I'm sure you understand" She added, feeling slightly content with her hugging.

The foxgirl watched Persey drift off before returning Black's hug and smiling a bit. "Right, right. Don't worry, I'll find that secret out eventually..." She kept alert as she closed her eyes for a moment.

Black nodded. "Yeah I'm sure you will" She said to Yukino, continuing to hug her for a little longer. Weaver or not that will be in a good situation or a bad one is another story

Persephone continued to drift away.

Yuki continued to hug Black, letting out a contented sigh and no longer looking toward the muse. "So... when are we getting back to the... Hazama, was it?"

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