Stolen Pixels #180: Now Leaving City 17

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Classy touch, Shamus. And I'm glad to see someone else who remembers that awesome show, to which Robert Culp made no small contribution. I know, though, that most of the people here will remember him primarily as Dr. Breen from Half-Life 2- and I'm okay with that, because Culp made Wallace Breen a nuanced, conflicted villain, ever striving to convince himself that he was doing the right thing by humanity even as he oversaw its decline towards extinction. I at once hated Breen outright, and understood just why he was doing what he was doing.

Half of that incredible character was Valve's excellent face-modeling technology; the other half was all Robert Culp. We'll not see his like again.

I still want one of those "Speechless" prints for Mel Blanc. The man was one of my heroes as a child, him among others. I've got a few memorials pictures around, like a print of the Penny Arcade "Rolling in His Grave" comic, for Gary Gygax. I can't say I knew enough of Culp to memorialize him, but I will say that he will be missed.

Very fitting Shamus. I tip my hat to you.

Lono Shrugged:
Please don't retire After Curfew, If anything it is a mark of respect to keep it going.

Although a Glados hosted fill in show would be great for a few months....

I can just see her hanging down behind the desk, teasing guests with cake. That would be sweet. Dr. Breen does need some time to mourn.

O_O I knew Culp passed away, but why did I never make the connection with Breen. Usually I'm great at recognizing voices :(

It took me a couple passes through Half Life 2 before I made the connection. It had been ages since I had heard his wonderful voice. Once I made the connection I felt it my duty to go out and get the first season of The Greatest American Hero. Good memories. I'd watch I Spy but I can't wrap my head around Bill Cosby playing a serious role.

RIP Mr. Culp. Your contributions are legendary.

"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot"

HL2 had some excellent voice acting, and Breen was one of the best acted characters. He's a character that feels surprisingly human despite destroying humanity. Robert Culp, you will be missed.

:(. bad times.

Beautiful. *applauds Shamus*

He as gone to a better place, a host body.

Great men may die but their works are eternal, they never truely leave us, they just stop working.


Damn it.

RIP Robert - you're administrating angels in heaven now.

Sad day.


i am going to play half-life again just for this.

i salute you culp.for making such a fantastic voice and characer of breen.



/21 Guns

its fairly insulting to use a Green Day song as a /[anything].

Uh.. I wasn't quoting Green Day. I don't even really listen to them. It's just the standard military send off, with honours. No need to start playing association games with it.

I'd say something witty and funny but theres just no call for it, we lost a great actor/voice actor..... if Breen was ever to be in any future Half Life games/Half Life universe games well he isn't now, it's sad

I know it's been said plenty of times, but there is no one else who could voice Dr. Breen and bring out the character that well.

Shame that the papers don't mention anything about that role.

Goodbye, Mr. Culp. You shall be missed.

Stunned that nobody mentioned I Spy, where he costarred with Bill Cosby. A groundbreaking TV show, since Cosby was the first African-American lead on TV, with Cosby's character being the smarter of the two. 80's kids remember him from Greatest American Hero; I actually didn't know he was Breen.

Well worth checking out if you haven't seen (or heard) of it. It's aged surprisingly well. Skip the movie with Eddie Murphy; it takes all the good points and stuffs them under a couch.

Shamus, thank your lucky stars your last Breen comic wasn't The Best Webcomic

and that your last Breen comic at least brought him comfortably back into his own universe (so long as a Portal Halflife cross-over is considered canonical universe mcguffin whatever)

Alls well that ends well.

May ye find the peaceful world ye thought you negotiated for with the Combine in the after life Breen / Culp.

This is NOT happening!!

R.I.P :'(

Shamus Young:
Most gamers knew him as Dr. Breen, but I grew up thinking of him as "That Jerkface FBI Guy" on the early 80's show The Greatest American Hero. (I was 10 when it premiered, and I adored the show.)

I, too, first saw him in this show (I also was 10) and I remember learning the word "scenario" from him (I'll have to watch the series one of these days to see how often he actually said the word. I remember it being rather frequently.) Only later on in life would I discover the great mid-60's TV show "I, Spy" with Culp and Bill Cosby.

A well done representation here. R.I.P Doctor

A really powerful one, Shamus.
Oh, and it's nice to know that some people remember him for something other than being Doctor Breen.
R.I.P., Robert Culp.


(Begins twenty Resonance Casacades in his honor)

Oh shi-

But still, it's a shame. Rest in peace, you magnificent man.

Dr. breen was my favorite charicter in HL2, sure he may have been doing some things pepole didint agree with, such as surpressing human reproduction, but he was just too loveable to hate!

i think it was mainly becuse of his beard. my dad has a beard like his (and Gordans) so i feel great respect for Breen and Gordan.

RIP Culp,

RIP Breen.

but theres still hope! perhaps he was allready done doing his voice-over parts for breens return in episode 3!

I had always hoped Dr. Breen would have been brought back into the HL2 storyline. Even if they do now (doubtful), it's just not going to be the same character.


RIP Rob!

Uh...? Aw...

I guess I'll go play Half Life 2 again as soon as I'm able. You know, in memorial.

Well, this opens up some "silent antagonist" jokes at least.

Damn. RIP Mr.Culp, I shall now play HL2 in good honors.



/21 Guns

its fairly insulting to use a Green Day song as a /[anything].

You best be trollin'.

OT: Never played HL2, but I might just pick it up now.

RIP, you magnificently awesome badass.

Here's to bringing the Combine in Half-Life Heaven back for some more iron-fisted ruling.

And, as a note, I believe he finished his voiceovers for Ep 3, so we MIGHT see Breen in it.

Sad times, RIP Robert Culp.

Every time I play HL2 now and see Breen, I'll be reminded we lost this great guy.

That is a really lovely tribute! Funny how we really connect with these people we never knew and mourn their passing like they were a real friends, because they come into our lives in our homes, I guess :'-(
Anyway, again, lovely tribute!

Breen's voice was one of my favourite that I've heard. Even more haunting now.

RIP, Mr. Culp

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