Miracle of Sound: Little Sister (BioShock)

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BTW, do you have any plans to sing on stage on one of conventions or gaming expos? Like ComiCon, PAX or Blizzcon? I usually don't go there (what with me living in a different hemisphere and such:)) but if there's a chance to hear you sing live, then I might just pull myself together and endure the 14-hour flight.

I'm considering it for next year, yeah! We'll see. I'm going to Gamescon in a week, Bioware are launching a new song of mine at their ME3 stall, but I won't be performing live, just attending :)

amazing, just simply amazing :')

Wow, just wow. I've liked a few of these songs before but this is just beautiful man!

Hey Gavin, been following your work for awhile now, I've gone back and listened to all the Miracle of Sound Songs and I have to say, while not the most 'commercial', this is by far one of your best songs. Looking at where you've taken your music since I think it was a clear turning point. Keep up the great work and I was just wondering if there's any chance you can compile a video for Ballad of Clay Carmine and Gordon Freeman Saved My Life.

That's all from me.

Huge Fan


I'm back again after hearing Dream of the Sky. These two songs complement each other perfectly.

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