The Big Picture: Tooned Out

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I'd tell Felicia to scram too. Not only is the character design dangerously furry, but I can't help but imagine those strategically placed patches of fur as snail trails of hair.

Thanks, but no thank you.

They actually called a show Pole Position...

I guess innuendo's weren't invented until 2002.

I have to say bob while Darkstalkers the American Cartoon was retarded, the Japanese Anime short based on it was actually surprisingly good. Also it followed loosely the games story/cannon in how Demitri defeats Pyron, and Morrigan actually is a good guy not a bad guy.

Who would have guessed that TV companies making low budget TV shows of popular games to sell merchandise would have failed? Evidently not the TV companies.

Also did they ever make a Cheetahmen TV show? I know there were some bad games of it but did someone ever make a pilot?

God I used to love that Pole Position song when I was a kid ^^

OK now i know why my memories of the early 90s is mostly a blur...

Why did you have to remind me?
And before someone starts, just know that Icelandic dubs are way worse than any thing you can imagine.

I'm really glad I never saw these things. The only one that I remember that wasn't that good was the Sonic one that was on the Disney Channel I believe. Also, who the hell is Bubsy?

Well now Bob I'm feeling a bit old in the bones since I remember a majority of these shows. I used to really dig Zelda. You're starting to stir up memories to me looking forward to seeing this awesome show called Power Rangers...

Oh wow, I remember watching Captain N with my brother. We were both super little, and we loved that show. We kept watching it, wondering when a certain character would show up. We were always excited to see which character would get to help out in the adventure. I had completely forgotten about that show.

I also remember watching Sonic Underground. Used to watch it when I got home from high school (shut up, I liked the show and there was nothing else on). I was rather annoyed when it was cancelled, because it had just introduced Knuckles and I wanted to see who would be next. Guess not. Still, the best Sonic cartoon was the one with Sally.

Hutzpah Chicken:
I'm really glad I never saw these things. The only one that I remember that wasn't that good was the Sonic one that was on the Disney Channel I believe. Also, who the hell is Bubsy?

Bubsy like a lot of games during the 16 bit console era(SNES/Genesis) had companies try to create mascots to captivate young consumers as mascots during those times have proven to be very reliable towards building a franchise. Since kids like animals it was only logical that after seeing Sonic that other companies try to emulate that success and so Bubsy was created for the SNES by Accolade.

Suffice to say bubsy and a lot of other next gen mascots really didn't do well at all either by how bad their games were or simply having a character that just didn't catch on in an industry that already had well established mascots that already caught on to the hearts and minds of a generation(Mario and Sonic).


The straight-to-video Super Mario movie will for ever haunt my dreams... along with the Zelda TV show.

Straight-to-video movie? When did that happen?

In the early nineties Nintendo (or someone) released a fringe VHS version of the Super Mario Cartoon here in Argentina. The tape was made by cutting down different episodes from the original cartoon and putting them together to create every fanboys worst nightmare. A tape so god dam disgusting, so hideously undefendable* it still haunts the popular psyche of young men.

It was like that one japanese kid show about the evil dinosaurs, but with more "80's randomness".

Here's a bit from the original show

*not actually a word

speaking of Bubsy

I think Bubsy 3d turned out to be as awful as it did because they probably had never made a 3d game before


he was a childhood favorite of mine they did so somthing right in regards to be apealing to kids

Ugh. That voice given to the Audience Surrogate. That was so painful I don't think filtering out the 2-4kHz band would make it bearable.

I loved The Power Team as a kid, but it's probably not as good as I remember.
I tried to watch Captain N again two years ago and it was ruined for me.

I am surprised you didn't mention Mortal Kombat, bob. ...Unless, unless that's what the next episode is about D: I am not entierly sure why that one would deserve a whole episode, but yeah, it was just awful. In fact if I remember correctly Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were both on the same channel, weren't they? (TNT?) I still have VHS tapes with these shows.

When Bob mentioned the Dragon Quest anime, I remember it being all kinds of awesome (for the time, anyways), but I didn't recognize the screenshot. A quick trip to wikipedia reveals that there were two mostly unrelated series based on Dragon Quest.

I only know The Power Team from Max Force (and then the rest of the team) appearing between about #200 and #300 of Captain SNES. It still seemed pretty bad even through that incredibly pixelated lens.

Oh yes Bob. I am giving you that look. I will give you that look 'till the day that I die. Plus, the characters were all awfully drawn in that cartoon.

DAnmit I went to a lot of trouble to repress knowledge of the Power Team. I'll get you for this Chiipman.

Bad enough to acknowledge that I'm old enough to have watch Supercade and the Pac Man series, and Pole Position, and probably others I haven't unrepressed yet.

Oh, and don't this the Japanese side too much credit for retro adaptations. They had some good stuff, but Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Art of Fighting, any attempt to touch Final Fantasy, all crap.

Didn't know Bob actually reads these. Good job on the video.

Seeing Darkstalkers in the thumbnail I thought he was gonna show the actual anime OVAs of it. I had no idea they made an american thing for it too XD.

I was gonna go ranting here, cause the anime is actually pretty damn good!


A Q*Bert cartoon....Christ, how horrifying.

Oh jesus please not the Power Team, I had all but forgotten that shit. Captain N was pure heroin injected into your brain compared to how painful the Power Team was. And yet, as a dumb kid, I still watched it infrequently, because it was at least tangentially related to games.

PS: Fucking hell I hated Eggplant Wizard's voice.

Next week on the big picture:

and its gonna be painful.

Ridiculously hot cat lady magically appears in your bedroom? yep I'm sure every single adolescent boy would have noooothing but clean thoughts the entire time. haha

You know what? When I was a kid, I liked Sonic Underground. That said the rest of my TV time was occupied with Wheel of Fortune and that Arthur show :P

Does anyone remember Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm?

Where Nightwolf, the native american shaman is infact a technology loving computer genius, Sonya is basically the Leeroy Jenkins of the group (KOOMMBBAT TIME!) and Stryker is voiced by Ron Pearlman!

I loved Pole Position. What was wrong with it? Plus it was made by Jean Chalopin, one of the greatest cartoon directors ever.

There was one Sonic Cartoon which I remember being quite good. It had lots and lots of surprisingly well done slapstick.

I liked the Pole Position cartoon. Of course, I was 7 at the time. Let's just say it doesn't hold up.

Yeah, the only thing I remember about it was that there used to be a cartoon about race drivers fighting crime with their sentient cars and that my sister and I would have arguments about which of the cars was cooler (no points for guessing who argued for which, they were colour-coded after all). Also, that it taught me what a "barracuda" is.

But that opening... that opening... it makes that little kid in me retroactively embarrassed for ever watching it.

So will he touch on Double Dragon? Cause best theme song ever.

Noddy or Blinky Bill

Red X:

Maybe his dad went through a terrible divorce and he learnt to stay away from women

You're got Felicia.. in your bed... and you want her to leave!?

I don't know, I think even a gay 13yr old would try and hit that.


Not so sure, look at the other clip with them sitting at the table talking.
She's taller than him and yet he's looking down most of the time he's talking to her.
He's not looking at her eyes, that's for sure.

One more viable possibility
Felicia might have that horrible stench cats often have
You know that acidic-vinegar-ish smell

So we SEE her on TV and think that kid is a moron
When in reality he is just one tiny step away from violently puking on her :)

P.S.Also my inner perv can't stop wondering whether she purrs or moans.

My money would have been the OTHER sonic TV show, but maybe not...

Nah, by comparison that was amazing. I actually have fond memories of the 'other' one, maybe it's because I was six. An episode involving a growth-ray turning Tails into a giant Godzilla type springs into my mind.

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