Unskippable: Dead Rising

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"My peanut butter and jelly! Noooooo!"

Why have I not been watching these? That was brilliant!

I love this series. i check it out every week...

You came by helicopter didn't you... i noticed this because you just jumped out of a helicopter


I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!i wish you did the whole game thow. that was soooo funny!!!!! Zombies right

Is it just me, or does Sim City of the Dead! sound like an amazing game?

I was thinking that myself. "This is one of the best ideas I've heard for a video game in months if not years."

As long as EA isn't the ones working on it I bet it would be a hit!

PS. Kind of bummed you guys didn't add on the scene with the old woman in the beginning.

"Ok...there are 5 of you...and she is like 90 how can nobody stop her from getting out?"

That was great, awesome game too...

Damn it! I wanted to see the zombies...

I seriously thought these guys were gonna make a joke out of how that guy Frank meets looks like Luis from RE 4.

hm hm hm hmmm hmmmmm hm hmhm hmmmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmmmmm

omg 5:30 i cant stop laughing

Awesome, purely, awesome.

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