Grand Theft Childhood Author Pokes Holes in SCOTUS Research

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Finally, someone making sense. I've been hearing from too many idiots (i.e. politicians. Midterms are tomorrow here in Erie) lately, and it's good to see some intelligence.


Thats, unexcpected...

How is this unexpected? The people who Wrote "Grand Theft Childhood" actually stood up for games in the book, at least against the bad studies done to try and "ruin" games. The book brings up good points that bring up the current trends following the game industry closely mimic what past mediums have gone through.

In that regard, Mature content needs to be kept out of the hands of children, not because its "toxic to the youth", but because in general thats the norm with other mediums. And so far, they've handled restricting it from children well, just as games have. Any time a mature rated game has slipped into a childs hand, the same thing could easily happen with any other form of medium.

What depresses me about this article, is the assumption made in the bolded seciond. They were never "against" games, and could easily be seen in reading the link in this post to the article talking about the book's release.
Oh, and that Cheryl Olson wasn't listed as one of the authors of the book, instead being treated as the sole author.

Rush... Rush Limbaugh? Excuse my being out of the loop, but can someone just fill me in on what he has said in our defense?

On topic, what a bloody surprise. Someone reputable has said studies don't show video games hurt children or make them into criminals. I've never, ever, ever, ever, ever heard of anything of the sort. Maybe it'll change some opinions.

(When I can shit gold)

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative, if you know anything at all about conservative philosophy beyond the tired old pigeonholing and demonizing provided by such titans of intellectual honesty as can be found at MSNBC, then you'd know that conservatives generally want government to leave people alone to make their own choices, and live their own lives. If violent games were really a problem (laughs), conservatives would say that it is the sole responsibility of the parents to handle it.

Remember, it was a panel of liberals led by Tipper Gore that tried to censor music back in the 80s. But MSNBC tells you different, and you believe it, because it fits in with your preconceptions of who your enemy is.

Don't consoles have family filters anyway? I'm sure there's a function to say 'don't play any DVD's that are rated '...' and above'.
How about they slap that same feature on for games? If a parent can set a password on the console that stops their kids from being able to play these games, regardless of how they get hold of them, then the responsibility is back where it should be.

Basically what I'm getting at here is that if you're a mother skimpering out to buy your 8 year old kid some x-mas presents, Black Ops ain't for them!

'Games' aren't all children's playthings anymore. Learn the difference.

There's no need for the governator to step in and get all moody about it. This is a guy who openly practiced 'free love' and drug use throughout his youth. His visage has been used in games since the 80's! Not to mention that when I was about 5 or 6 I had a Terminator action figure...a big one, said 'Asta La Vista Baby' and stuff like that...WHY THE FECK WERE THEY MARKETING AN EXTREMELY ADULT MOVIE AT KIDS?!

This is...
Interesting. I didn't expect this from the author of Grand Theft Childhood.

Er... why? Grand Theft Childhood was all about debunking the studies and theories on the effect of violent games on minors. Why would this be surprising? Cheryl Olson has never been against games.

All in all, I read the entire PDF. She was very comprehensive and brought plenty of good evidence to the fore. Let's hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing. I'm British, but I still don't want to see anything bad happen to games anywhere in the world.

This is very informative and makes a lot of sense. Well let's see how the people who don't understand the gaming culture twist's this into their favor.

They don't use information or sense. They'll make up a line graph of bullshit numbers, bring up GTA, maybe mention Columbine or more likely The Virginia Tech shooting. If they're really modern they might mention games from an updated parents do not buy for your children Xmas list, which includes Manhunt 2, Devil May Cry 4, Call of Duty 4, and other games that came out over a two years ago you played beat and traded in.

Travis Higuet:

Your explanation of conservatism is lost on me, as I am conservative (Or, at least, I lean more toward that side than the other) and know the basis of my own beliefs. I just found it strange that he, probably a republican and thus probably a believer in Fox news, doesn't demonize games like most of the other conservative newscasters. As such, this proves that Limbaugh has not only a brain, but can use it to think for himself and apply his own values to anything and form his own opinions.

And what you said about the music censorship doesn't fully apply to this situation, seeing as games get hate from all sides of the political spectrum whereas music only got it from the left side.

It makes sense, it in touch with reality. Its likely the government will completely ignore it.

As far as I can see, the study says 'Either you believe that video games influence children, in which case I'm saying the evidence says it does, and it actually reduces criminal and violent tendencies, or they don't have an effect, in both cases, gaming is proven to be harmless, thanks for calling, by the way, I hear there's a new thing called 'pop music' by 'the Beatles' corrupting the kids, I'd get on that.'


Juvenile arrests continue to decline. Given the widespread use of video games among youth, include "Mature" rated games, we would expect to see some increase in crime statistics if such games were broadly harmful.

This, of course, doesn't necessarily have any relevance. There could be other crime-reducing factors powerful enough to compensate for the potential increase caused by violent video games.

That said, I do believe that Olsen is probably right, and that violent video games indeed does not lead to an increase in levels of violence among youths. It is just a shame to see an otherwise solid argument tainted by sloppy reasoning.

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