Forza 4 Demo Coming Soon

Gentlemen, start your engines! A demo for Turn 10 Studios’ latest racer is only two weeks away.

Alright, so I sorta lied. That demo will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 3. That’s more like 12 days away, but saying “a demo for Turn 10 Studios’ latest racer is about 12 days away” would have totally ruined the cadence I had going, and I already felt pretty terrible about subjecting you good people to that terribly cliche racing allusion at the beginning.

Anyway, aside from that release date, we don’t really know anything about the demo. Shacknews’ Alice O’Connor beat me to a witty comment on the subject, so I’ll just let her explain:

What’s in the demo? No idea, nothing has been confirmed beyond the date so far. I’d wager there’ll be an automobile and somewhere to drive it, though.

Though we lack crucial content details, we do have a new trailer for the game in which the development team examines the creation of the in-game Bernese Alps. In watching the video (embedded above) there are two key points I hope you notice. First, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. Given the impressive aesthetics of the previous three Forza titles, that should come as no surprise.

Second, and more importantly, the Forza 4 development team flew to the actual Bernese Alps to snap pictures and essentially act like tourists in preparation for the creation of the in-game area. This trip was likely funded by Forza 4 publisher Microsoft, and based on my experience that’s a company that does not cheap out when it comes to taking care of its people.

So while the rest of us are slaving away in our hot cubicles, shoveling coal into the furnace of US economic welfare, game developers are jetsetting throughout Europe, dining on nouveau Italian/German fusion cuisine and making kissyfaces at local girls who look like Audrey Tatou.

Forza 4 hits store shelves on October 11. Hopefully you won’t be too depressed to buy it.

Source: Shacknews

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