Four Modern Warfare 3 Teasers Invade the World


Activision has released four teaser trailers for Modern Warfare 3 that predict a worldwide conflict.

After a load of Modern Warfare 3 details were alledgedly leaked that Infinity Ward community liaison Robert Bowling said were full of truths, half-truths, and falsehoods, Activision has decided to get the game’s party rolling earlier than planned. Our first official glimpses into the world of Modern Warfare 3 come through four teaser trailers, each from a different region of the world.

They don’t feature gameplay footage yet, hence the term “teaser trailer.” However, they do give a hint toward the scale of the conflict that we’ll see in Modern Warfare 3.

The first teaser focuses on America, specifically New York. It’s evidently under attack. The others are from Franc3, G3rmany, and 3ngland… that is, France, Germany, and England. These areas are also embroiled in some sort of conflict. See below:

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these teasers are foreshadowing a possible World War III scenario for Modern Warfare 3. The “leaked” details also support this theory, so expect something big from the game when it makes a probable, but as of yet unconfirmed, late 2011 release.

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