Fox News has “brushed off” a letter sent by Electronic Arts Vice President of Communications Jeff Brown complaining about the network’s inaccurate piece on Mass Effect. has reported the show’s producer sent Brown a one-line Blackberry message in response to the letter telling him to contact the network’s public relations department. After receiving the message, Brown told GameDaily he was “not holding his breath” about making much headway with the issue.

“I watch Fox news a lot and recognize that they tend to move fast to the next topic,” Brown said. “It really stinks for the people who made the game, but I don’t think they should be waiting for a correction from Fox.”

He also said, however, that EA was not going to let the matter drop easily, and implied the company would be more aggressive in pursuing future incidents of misleading and false reporting. “We’re not giving up,” he said. “EA is under new management now and [CEO John] Riccitiello’s made it clear that we’re going to stand up for our creative teams and the games they make. We’re going to fight back. There’s a lot of nonsense about gaming coming out of politics, government and media – John wants us to start calling them out on it.”

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