The quirky comedy is the only show of Fox’s new fall lineup to get a second season.

Of the new shows in the Fox fall lineup this season, one mightn’t have considered Raising Hope to be the sole bright spot. The show, about a young man and his family raising a baby, was overshadowed by the marketing campaigns for the Will Arnett – Keri Russell comedy Running Wilde and the highly publicized drama Lone Star. Of the three, though, Raising Hope was the only one renewed for a second season.

Not only is the single-camera comedy Fox’s highest-rated new series, but is in fact the only one that has avoided cancelation. Running Wilde got the boot earlier this season, and Lone Star was canceled almost before it had begun, airing only two episodes. Fox is pleased with Hope‘s performance, though, particularly with the coveted demographic of adults 18-49. Deadline quotes Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly as gushing, “Raising Hope has emerged as a comedic standout: wickedly smart, hilarious and full of heart…Greg Garcia and his great cast have established an appointment show on Tuesday nights this season and we’re confident it’s just the beginning of great things to come.”

Deadline quotes showrunner Greg Garcia as commenting, “I’m happy that the show is getting another year. But the fact that I’ve been trying to think of a funny quote for the last two hours and this is the best I could come up with makes me a little nervous about season two.” Garcia has previously found success writing and producing the series My Name is Earl, which ran from 2005-2009.

Finishing out its first season, Raising Hope resumes new episodes on February 8.

Source: Deadline

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