Fox News Detroit Likes The Legend of Zelda?


Looks like someone at the local Detroit branch of Fox News has the Triforce on the brain, if this investigative segment is anything to go by.

At first, it seems like nothing more than your standard local Fox News segment, with nary a thing out of the ordinary: A scam employment agency, an angry ex-con with a chip on his shoulder, etc. Not worth giving much thought unless it’s the sort of thing you’re into, right?

Wait a second – skip to the 0:55 mark. What’s this I hear? No, if you’ve played Zelda (specifically The Ocarina of Time,) this is unmistakable. One can only wonder why the sound people at Fox Detroit chose to use this particular brand of music – were they trying to say that people looking for work should just start smashing pots and cutting grass until they find all the rupees they need for a bigger Bomb Bag?

I’m not really sure if I want to know the answer to that.

(MyFOX Detroit, via GoNintendo)

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