The FPS Warriors Bundle from Bundle Stars is a collection of six not-entirely-terrible shooters for just three bucks.

I’m not going to pretend that the games in the FPS Warriors Bundle are the best shooters ever. They’re not. I think Section 8 was underrated and Legendary struck me as potentially cool when it launched, but let’s be honest about it: There’s a reason you can score all six of these games for less than a fiver.

What ultimately sold me on it was the trailer for Dino D-Day, “a frantic first-person shooter about Nazi dinosaurs.” The Metacritic score of 53 doesn’t speak too highly of the game (although there’s apparently been a lot of work done since its initial release) but the trailer is sheer genius. Strapping tank turrets on the backs of dinosaurs? Dialog like “Let me tell you something, Fritz – my buddies and I aren’t going to sit on our hands while you make freedom extinct?” Brilliant!

The FPS Warriors Bundle also includes The Ship: Complete Pack, which looks pretty terrible; Shattered Horizons, the shooter-in-space from the Futuremark guys; and Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition, which includes the Map Pack and Second Strike DLC. None of these games are going to make anyone forget about Titanfall, but three bucks, six games, all redeemable on Steam – and dinosaur panzers! Hey, it’s not the worst way to waste your money.

Source: Bundle Stars

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