I don’t even … so you put this over here, and turn that there, and then …

Loveshack Entertainment has something very good coming your way in 2014. Its noir puzzler Framed has a unique way of looking at its comic book world. You see all the action laid out before you, but if you want it to flow your way, you’d better reach in there and adjust a frame or two. Context is everything, after all, and you won’t like what happens if you don’t change the pattern.

Australia’s Loveshack is a three man team: Joshua Boggs, Ollie Browne and Adrian Moore. Framed is a puzzler with multiple solutions, influenced by the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Saul Bass, Alfred Hitchcock, Sin City and Mad Men.

“We want to deliver something akin to a movie-length experience,” said Adrian Moore, “to create a really captivating and give people a great value, really fun game.”

Framed will be an iOS, PC and Mac title, when it launches. No definite date’s been set, but the team‘s aiming for early 2014.

Source: Framed

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