Capcom’s Dead Rising movie is coming this summer and looks a little weird, but at least it’ll be free.

The ultra weird Dead Rising movie trailer has turned out to be for a full-fledged production. Capcom has announced that the trailer is for Zombrex Dead Rising Sun and the final product will be released online for free in Europe and North America sometime this summer.

Ultimately it’s all about promoting Dead Rising 2, but nearly anything with zombies in it has the potential for some redeeming value. Capcom re-released the same trailer we already saw before, but now with English voice-overs like those the official movie will also have. Zombrex isn’t a misspelling of “zombie,” it’s the name of a medication in Dead Rising.

Zombrex Dead Rising Sun is said to be “inspired” by the Dead Rising universe and is written and directed by Capcom veteran and Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune. It takes place during a zombie outbreak in Japan and follows two brothers trying to survive. Though it looks cheesier than cheesecake laced with Cheetos served on a wheel of Gruyere, Capcom says Zombrex Dead Rising Sun is an homage to zombie movies of the 1970s and will provide links to Dead Rising 2. Plus, that bladed chainsaw wheelchair just cannot be denied.

The movie will be released in eight episodes for just $0.00 each, possibly here. I doubt it’ll be the next Dawn of the Dead, but free is free so the price of entry is right where I like it.

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