As a special holiday gift to US PlayStation 3 owners, Sony is giving away the latest episode of its interactive online magazine.

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner who hasn’t checked out Sony’s monthly online interactive magazine, Qore, you’ll be given the perfect opportunity to do so today, December 4, when the seventh episode arrives on the PlayStation Network for free. The monthly video package, produced by Future Publishing, typically sells for $2.99, with an annual subscription being offered for $24.99.

Headlining episode seven of Qore is a behind-the-scenes look at EA’s follow-up to their hugely successful skateboard simulation, Skate 2. Also included in the episode are previews of two Capcom titles, Bionic Commando and Flock, as hosted by Veronica Belmont. Of course, the main attraction of Qore are the downloadable goodies, with everyone receiving a special Killzone 2 theme as well as a game specifically made for this months episode, Blast Qore.

As for annual subscribers, they’ll not only get to watch Miss Belmont show off Flock, but play it as well with an exclusive demo of Capcom’s farm friendly PlayStation Network title. Should you accept Sony’s gift of free entertainment, do come back and let us know what you think. For as much effort as Sony and Future appear to be putting into Qore, they sure don’t seem to enjoy showing it off very often.

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