Adds Racing Mode, car customization, and more.

Hangar 13 and 2K have released a new, free update form Mafia III, bringing with it new car customization option, a racing mode, and new outfits.

In the blog post announcement, 2K stated that car customization was “one of the big requests” from players, and the free update adds “some seriously cool” options for 10 cars – six that you can earn through play, three that are included in the Family Kick-Back, and a new 10th car that you can unlock by placing in the top spots in the car races. You can customize decauls, spoilers, superchargers, and more by visiting one of the Big Rick’s Garage locations, making for over 50 unique customizations.

The update also adds a racing mode (where you can unlock that 10th car), with 12 races currently available – six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races. While placing in a top spot gets you that car, it also unlocks the aforementioned customization options.

“The races become available after the first sit-down with all three lieutenants,” the post advises. “Whenever you’re cruising around the open world (and not getting chased by the cops), look for the race markers on the map and drive on over in your favorite sports or exotic car.”

Finally, the update also adds three new outfits for Lincoln: “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke,” “On the Prowl,” and “The Classico.” The last one can only be obtained by linking a My2K account to the game, and comes complete with the Il Duca revolver.

“We were laser-focused to deliver this racing update so that you could roll into the New Year in style, but we do have more coming early next year,” the post concludes, “Namely, more customization and the ability to further enhance the performance of the cars in your fleet.”

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