Ryzom, the quirky MMOG that appeared to go down for good in February, is now offering free accounts for new users as it stages its comeback attempt.

After filing for bankruptcy in October 2007 and finally pulling the plug four months later, the Ryzom forums surprisingly reappeared in June, and the servers were brought back online in July as part of a “testing phase.” At the time, only players who had previously owned accounts in the game could play, but the game’s operators promised that new account creation would be implemented soon.

Apparently “soon” is upon us, because new accounts are not only now available, they’re being given away for free. Unfortunately, they’re only available in limited quantities: 570 accounts remained available at the time of this writing.

It sounds like a widening beta test, but Ryzom was already a well-established game so the typical responsibilities of beta testing don’t really apply. And who are we kidding anyway? It’s a chance to play a game free for awhile – and maybe to get a glimpse at what Ryzom has in store for the future.

To hook up your own free Ryzom account, go to, download the client (1.5 gig) and fill in the blanks. Get it while it’s hot!

via: Eurogamer

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