The The Super Bowl is coming, Bruce Springsteen is coming with it and to mark the occasion, Activision will be releasing two of his tracks for Guitar Hero World Tour absolutely free.

Fans of the Boss have three things to look forward to in the new year: A new album, Working on a Dream, coming January 27, a live half-time performance at the Super Bowl on February 1 and now two free Guitar Hero World Tour tracks, which will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii from January 27 to February 4. The tracks cover both the old and the new: “My Lucky Day” comes from the new album, while the uber-classic “Born to Run” is of course one of the great rock songs ever recorded.

It’s easy enough to find YouTube links to both songs for people who aren’t familiar with them (and shame on you if you don’t at least know “Born to Run”) but because it’s the day before Christmas I’ll make life a little easier for you with links to “Born to Run” and “My Lucky Day.” For something a little different, though, I’ve also thrown in a link to “A Night With The Jersey Devil,” a track Springsteen recorded and gave away to commemorate Halloween this year.

Fun fact: For some reason, relatively few people seem to know that Silvio Dante, the consigliere of DiMeo Family boss Tony Soprano on the popular HBO series The Sopranos, was played by Steven Van Zandt, the guitarist for the E-Street Band, best known for its long-time association with Springsteen. Van Zandt, who had never acted prior to taking the role on the show, earned high marks for his performance but has expressed no interest in taking on future acting jobs.

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