Freeze Zombies in GoatZ with Crystal Breath in This Breaking Bad Easter Egg

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Cook up even more fun in Goat Simulator with this awesome Breaking Bad Easter egg found exclusively in the GoatZ expansion map.

Designed to mirror the popular (and still in-development) DayZ mod, GoatZ parodies the latest influx of Steam Greenlight survival experiments, throwing in tons of useless crafting, an obnoxious hunger system, and more ubiquitous undead opponents. Along with all those additions comes an awesomely powerful Breaking Bad Easter egg, giving your goat an additional power with cooking components located within a certain RV.

Learn how to get your hoofs on a pile of blue meth along with Heisenberg’s signature fashion using our tips and tricks explaining how to find all three barrel locations.

Breaking Bad Easter Egg Guide

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Resourceful goats can get their hands on a killer power-up along with some fashionable headwear in the new zombie-themed survival update.

The “Krystal Ship” itself appears in the desert box canyon. Travel down the road from the starting point until you see a narrow canyon pass to the right. To unlock the door and get at the goods inside, you’ll need to help complete the cook. There are three missing blue barrels found throughout the map.

All three blue barrels are marked with a symbol referencing Golden Moth Chemical, the company from which Breaking Bad’s southwestern crime lord Gus Fring supplied his meth-cooking super lab.

Blue Barrel Locations

Find each barrel, then lick and drag them over to the RV. Move them to the space to the left of the locked door and they’ll snap into place.

  • Blue Barrel #1: The first barrel is located near the RV. Check the rocky cliff face to the left.
  • Blue Barrel #2: Travel to the building marked up with “No Help Needed” and a pinata. The barrel is next to the pinata.
  • Blue Barrel #3: Check out the gross celery fields with the UFO. There’s a barn containing the last blue barrel.

Crystal Breath Weapon & Heisenberg Hat Fashion

After returning to the RV and placing the three blue barrels, the door will open. Lick the piles of blue crystal meth inside to gain two rewards; a pork pie hat fashion item and the Crystal Breath power-up.

The pork pie hat matches the one worn by Bryan Cranston in his role as the terminally ill science teacher turned drug kingpin Heisenerg. With his partner Jesse Pinkman, they started their career cooking blue meth in an RV. Hence the “Desert Vacation” Steam achievement.

The Crystal Breath power-up is a little more powerful. After licking the pile in the RV (or in the barn near a harvester) your goat can freeze zombies and shatter them to unlock the “Shattered Dreams” achievement.

Achievements Unlocked

  • Desert Vacation:
    Complete the Cook
  • Crystal Breath:
    Minty Fresh Crystal Breath

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