French Filmmakers Go Back Into the Matrix

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However much you might dislike Keanu Reeves, you don’t hate him as much as this guy does.

Raphael Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard, pair of French directors and special effects artists, have put together a stunning fan film set in the same world as the Wachowski’s Matrix movies. The film, called “Kaydara,” tells the story of another human hero who is convinced that “The One” is actually the last thing that humanity needs, and should be killed on sight.

Of course, that’s easily said than done, as The One is the proud bearer of superhuman powers, both inside and outside of the Matrix. Luckily, Kaydara, the titular hero, is no slouch when it comes to telekinetic martial arts tomfoolery either, and with the aid of his brother, Iad, he tracks downs humanity’s supposed savior and challenges him to a fight.

While Kaydara isn’t going to revolutionize the way we think about the Matrix movies, or make up for Reloaded and Revolutions, there are certainly worse ways to spend a spare hour. The visual effects are stunning, something that’s obvious from the moment the film starts properly – which is after the part with the rat, in case you were wondering – and the fight choreography isn’t bad either. Unfortunately, the dialogue isn’t so hot, but let’s face it, the talking was never really the interesting part of the Matrix movies.

Source: Nerdcore

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