Get yourself ready for shock, awe, and terrorist Goombas with turbans on.

The French TV show, Tout le monde il est Beau, has used everyone’s favorite plumber as the base for its satirical look at the recent discovery and death of Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.

The parody, entitled “Super President Brothers: The Hunt for Bowser Laden,” starts with the “Bowser Laden” attacking the Twin Towers – or the “Mario-ified” equivalent of them – and then going into hiding. The job falls to “Mario Bush,” who later transforms into “Mario Bama,” to hunt him down and stop him. It’s well done, but as parodies goes, it’s not exactly amazingly original. Let’s face it, its overarching statement – that the US used an excessive amount of force in the search for Bin Laden – isn’t exactly a new idea.

There are plenty of elements lifted straight from the Mario games themselves, but they’ve all been tweaked to serve the parody. For example, the enemy Koopa Troopers now have beards and guns, and the mushroom that turns Mario Bush into Mario Bama has the stars and stripes on it. It does, however, speak to the worldwide cultural impact of the Mario games, when something like this gets greenlit for consumption by the general public.

Source: Go Nintendo

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