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Frogun Brings Awesome N64 & PS1-Inspired Platforming This August

Frogun release date trailer August 2, 2022 Top Hat Studios Molegato Nintendo Switch PS4 PS5 Xbox Series One X S PC Steam Epic Games GOG

Publisher Top Hat Studios and developer Molegato have announced an August 2, 2022 release date for retro 3D platformer Frogun on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. On Switch, PS4, and PS5, Frogun will also receive a physical release. This game is the product of a successful Kickstarter from June 2021, and you play as Renata, a girl who uses a frog as a gun — the Frogun!

Check out the Frogun release date trailer and soak in some delightfully chunky polygons.

The game will feature a variety of colorful locales, like lava swamps, snow caps, and “crispy pixelated ruins,” as you can see in the trailer. Here are more features you can expect from this charming 3D platformer:

  • From levers to buttons, lethal traps, and adorable enemies, there are countless ways to use your Frogun to navigate the world.
  • Race across levels against Renata’s rival and take on the challenge of huge bosses.
  • Find secret areas and shortcuts by mastering the grappling mechanics.
  • Collect emblems by fulfilling level challenges.
  • Visit the hatter to trade your coins for hats, bestiary entries, behind-the-scenes looks at concept art, and more.
  • Unlock 2-player duel arenas to challenge your friends.
  • Over 30 achievements available on all platforms.
  • A posable photo mode to show off your creativity!

Basically, if you like 3D platformers, especially of the Nintendo 64 or PS1 variety, you really ought to keep an eye out for Frogun this August.

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