Frozenbyte, the Finnish developer behind the cult-favorite action releases Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor, has expanded its development team and now has three new projects in development, all based on original IP.

The company has decided to focus on new concepts for future development following the surprise success of the Shadowgrounds releases. “Our decision to focus on games based on original IP gives the company a clear direction into the future,” said Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvarinen. “Whether it’s a project of our own or a partnership project, our expertise in envisioning, developing and launching new IPs helps enormously.”

“We feel that we’ve got that special creative spark that’s needed for great, original games,” he continued. “We’re letting our creativity run wild and the results are amazing. Two new projects will be unveiled shortly and that’s just the beginning – you can expect big things from us in the future!”

The 2005 release Shadowgrounds, Frozenbyte’s first game, and its follow-up Shadowgrounds Survivor, which launched in 2007, feature hyper-violent top-down gameplay in a Doom and Aliens-inspired environment. The games were well-received by action gaming fans, and are still available for purchase via Steam, Direct2Dirve, GamersGate and other services.

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