Two modders are using Garry’s Mod to build a cooperative ship management game in the vein of FTL.

2012’s FTL: Faster Than Light was an addictive mix of strategy and resource management that returned rogue-likes to space in a big way. That being the case, it was also a lonely game. Some of this was clearly by design, creating a scenario where players had nothing to rely on but their own skill and wit as they struggled to keep their ship and crew intact. Nonetheless, the experience doubtlessly left some wishing they could bring their friends in on the action.

If you were among those forlorn folk yearning for company as you floated through the void, Final Frontier may be your ticket. Final Frontier is an in-development first person co-op game where players will take on the role of a crew running and defending a starship. “Final Frontier is our attempt to make a unique and novel Garry’s Mod game mode centered around the teamwork involved in controlling and maintaining a starship doing space things,” said the developers in a forum Q&A. “This game is (heavily (blatantly)) inspired by FTL, a game we all enjoyed playing but felt would be improved with multiplayer. Unlike FTL, you control a single crew member in first-person perspective, and must manually perform the tasks that FTL characters carried out by standing at their posts mashing keyboards.”

Players in Final Frontier will need to manually work with in-game interfaces to manage the ship’s varied systems. “How well you perform your job is entirely dependent on the skill of the player at that task; there will be no in-game skills to grind that make a progress bar move faster, rather the efficiency at which actions are performed depend on the experience of the player in deciding how to carry out the activity.” The game will feature a variety of systems for players to master ranging from weapons to transporter. If the Garry’s Mod prototype is successful, the two modders behind the project hope to port Final Frontier to a “more flexible environment.”

Source: Facepunch via Rock Paper Shotgun

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