FTL LEGO Sets Heading for Official Review

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The success of an FTL CUUSOO campaign could lead to official LEGO products.

FTL was a great game, capturing the imagination of countless players who fell in love both with its universe and its refreshing take on classic roguelike gameplay. That in mind, it’s no surprise that some would pay tribute to it, and even less so that that tribute would take Lego form. For the most part, if something exists and enjoys even mild popularity, you can probably expect that somebody, somewhere, somehow, has adapted it into a Lego project. FTL is no different and now, thanks to the efforts of some dedicated fans, FTL models are now in line to receive official consideration by LEGO itself.

The consideration comes courtesy of a CUUSOO project (think LEGO Kickstarter) submitted by one CrashSanders. CrashSanders campaign recently received the 10,000 supporters it needed to earn an official review by LEGO. If the company likes what it sees and can acquire the rights to FTL, it could begin producing official sets that could be sold alongside the likes of its Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings products. Seeing as CrashSanders’ CUUSOO submission was overseen by Subset Games, the developer behind FTL, we imagine there wouldn’t be much fuss when it comes to production rights.

That being said, a successful review is hardly a guarantee. LEGO has rejected ideas in the past, even some that seem like no-brainers. For instance, a 2012 Firefly submission received wide support from across the web only to be denied an official product line on account of the franchise supposedly being a bad fit for LEGO. FTL isn’t Firefly, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that its primary audience doesn’t fall into the younger age group the company typically targets. Keeping that in mind, it’s still hard not to get excited over the possibility of official FTL LEGO sets. Even if failure is likely, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that LEGO does the smart thing when it reviews the FTL submission this Fall.

Source: CUUSOO

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