Full-Length Machinima Thriller Developed in GTA IV Engine


A filmmaker spent two years creating a 90-minute film shot entirely using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler has created what might be the first full-length feature film developed solely using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine. Weschler’s 90-minute The Trashmaster still features the model of Niko Bellic, but in a very different role.

In The Trashmaster, Niko is a garbage man that cleans his city of more than discarded banana peels and stale bagels. As the “trashmaster,” Niko also spends his time as a vigilante hunting down criminals whenever they happen to cross his path as he’s pumping gas.

Weschler’s two years of development time on the film shows. It’s not just a nice piece of machinima, but also a solid action/crime thriller that features a variety of camera angles and techniques. I’m not saying it’s the next Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas, but The Trashmaster is an impressive feat of film making.

The Trashmaster follows Niko as he attempts to track down a serial killer that’s murdering the dancers from his favorite strip club. It may become the toughest situation the “trashmaster” has to deal with yet. Now if Weschler would just make a full length version of Brothers Mario too.

Source: Rockstar Games

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