Gaming papercraft models are usually only a few inches high, but this model of Legend of Zelda’s Link is a little bit bigger than that.

If you were going to make a life-sized model of Link from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda games, what would you use? Plaster, or maybe plastic, right?

How about paper?

It might not look it from the picture, but the model is built entirely out of paper. It was designed and built by Haywan of the site Papercraft Museum and is quite clearly a labor of love.

There are a number of videos on Papercraft Museum showing the entire process, and if you’ve got some paper and some spare time, the sword and shield are separate pieces, if you fancy making one of you own.

There are plans so that you can assemble your very own model, but at the time of writing, the site hosted them was down. Check this link a little later on and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Source: Kotaku

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