Funcom Co-founder Canned Over Age of Conan Failures

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Though the official word is Funcom co-founder and Age of Conan lead designer Gaute Godager has decided to resign today after 16 years with the company, an insider tells us the sudden parting of ways was less than amicable.

Tipping off The Escapist, a Funcom insider who spoke on conditions of anonymity said Godager was in fact fired from the company today, adding “Gaute is blamed for the failure of Age of Conan, but he’s just a scapegoat. 90 percent of the company should be fired.”

Despite relatively strong reviews, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures was plagued with numerous bugs and other issues from the start. The game generated backlash from the MMORPG community as a result.

In a press release earlier today, Funcom announced Godager has decided to resign from the company and his position as Producer and Game Director for Age of Conan, and will be replaced by Craig Morrison. After working as Funcom’s Community Manager, Morrison spent several years as Producer and Game Director on Anarchy Online. He said the new position is a “great challenge,” but he’s eager to work towards creating up a bright future for the title.

“I have a clear conviction I can lead the further development in a good way, evolving Age of Conan into something even better,” says Morrison. “My main priority now is therefore to listen to, and act on, player concerns, while ensuring we add additional great content to the game.”

Though Godager is proud of his work on the game and his accomplishments during his tenure, he will be leaving the company after a decade and a half of working to build the company he co-founded. “I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with. I have decided to act on this, and as a result I have chosen to leave Funcom,” he said. Godager plans to pursue new ventures outside of the gaming industry.

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