Funcom is launching a new “re-evaluation program” for Age of Conan, offering two weeks of free play, double experience points and other bonuses to previously active players who give the game a second chance.

A lot has changed since Age of Conan launched in May 2008 and to encourage former players to give the game another look, Funcom is once again offering two weeks of free gameplay to anyone who comes back to Hyboria. This time around, they’ll also be granted double experience points throughout the free period along with extra bonuses for signing up to play beyond the two-week trial.

Players who subscribe for one month beyond the free period will be given an extra seven days of free gameplay; a three-month subscription will land players a spot in The Secret World open beta, six months will earn a special level 40 helmet with a ten percent XP modifier and a full year subscription will include a free copy of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion. Each level of subscription bonus will also include all the rewards from the lower bonus tiers.

“We are very proud of what have been able to do with the game since launch,” said Funcom’s Morten Larssen. “The game has grown and improved at a remarkable pace, and we continue to introduce new content, new features and new improvements. We are introducing these fantastic rewards as we know that coming back to an MMO demands effort, and we want to make sure that as many former players as possible are exposed to the new and improved Age of Conan.”

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