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GMP, in Metal Gear Solid 5 terms, is Gross Military Product — that’s the currency you’ll need to research new weapons and equip Snake with the best gear. GMP is everything in The Phantom Pain so stock up with some easy gold tips.

We’re all about get-rich-quick schemes here at The Escapist and if you want to max out your Mother Base coffers and frivolously spend on unnecessary upgrades, we’ve got a few methods for farming GMP. Whether you’re trudging through the difficult post-game or need extra funds on those pivotal Chapter 1 boss battles, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget, if you’ve got a pretty good GMP scheme of your own, let us know in the comments.

If you’re rich in GMP but low on fuel, metals or biological resources, then we’ve got some solutions for you. Check out the Metal Gear Solid 5 infinite resources guide and expand Mother Base with ease.

Unlimited GMP Farming Guide

Before going GMP farming, you’ll need the Fulton upgrade for vehicles. The cargo upgrade will also help.

Go to the Resources menu in the Mother Base tab to sell any resources you’ve acquired. That includes processed or unprocessed resources, vehicles, walker gears, and armored vehicles.

Sell any extras you don’t need, and Fulton any precious metals you find. These valuable metals aren’t needed in the same quantities as the other major resource stacks.

Farming – When to Restart / Return to ACC

While farming, wait until a message appears confirming Mother Base has acquired the resources. Leave the area where you’ve fultoned vehicles, cargo, or cash and wait for a save icon to appear in the upper-right HUD.

When you get that save icon, open the options menu — here you can ‘Restart’ or ‘Return to ACC’ depending on when you want to complete the farm. Any resources sent to Mother Base will remain if you restart or return.

Method #1: Mother Base – 50k GMP in 5 Minutes

If you’re just getting started a need quick cash, there’s plenty laying around in Mother Base. Grab the nearest soldier and interrogate him or her. Certain soldiers will reveal stashes of diamonds. They appear as check marks on your map. Set waypoints on these markers to quickly track down the missing diamonds.

After each Mother Base platform upgrade, even more diamonds will appear in random locations. Keep interrogating your own troops to quickly locate each.

Method #2: Mission 8 – 250k GMP in 5 Minutes

For this early mission, you’ll need Decoys, Fulton vehicle upgrades to lift tanks, and a rocket launcher. Come back when you’re prepared.

In this mission, you’ll need to capture a convoy moving through Qarya Sakhra Ee village. Instead of waiting for them, you can engage them on the road northwest of the town.

Near the forked road, there’s an enemy outpost. Land near this area with the horse and ride past the group of soldiers, then prepare an ambush for the convoy further west down the winding down beyond this post.

To help stop the convoy, lay down several decoys in a series on the road. Every time you activate, one decoy will launch — always in the order you’ve placed them. Use this to your advantage. The more decoys you place and pop, the more time you’ll have to Fulton the convoy.

There’s a helicopter pickup zone very close to the road west of the village. That’s where you’ll want to set an ambush. After placing the decoys, call in a chopper.

When the convoy approaches, activate your first decoy. This will stop the convoy completely for a short time. Run behind the back tank, Fulton it — then move forward. Fulton the truck, then the tank, popping more decoys to keep the convoy in place as you go.

Once all three are captured, jump in your chopper and complete the mission. Sell the tanks you’ve acquired for extra GMP.

Method #3: Mission 37 – 300k GMP in 5 Minutes

This is a late-game farming method, and it can be tricky if you’re not prepared. Be warned, but it can make lots of cash quickly.

Start the mission, then set a marker on the upper left corner of Nova Braga Airport, west of the main airport facility. There’s a garage with the truck you’re looking for. Use D-Walker, it’s the safest choice, and ride to the objective truck.

Jump the fun and approach the truck. It’s lightly guarded, but when you step close, Armor Parasite Soldiers will appear. Don’t fight them, instead try to get their attention then dash back around the garage structure, or any structure — anything to get their attention and pull them away from the truck momentarily.

Circle back around to the objective truck and place the Fulton balloon. While it’s lifted, run around beneath it so the Skulls choose to shoot you rather than pop the balloon. Once it’s lifted off, return to D-Walker and exit the mission area.

Completing the mission so quickly earns you an easy 300k+ GMP. Repeat as required for more cash.

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