FXX Plans Epic 12-Day Marathon of The Simpsons


Every single adventure of Bart, Lisa, Marge, Homer and Maggie to be aired continuously for the first time.

Cable network FXX has announced plans for what is being called “the longest continuous marathon in the history of television;” airing all 552 episodes of The Simpsons from August 21 through Labor Day of this year. The event will celebrate the arrival of the legendary animated series to the network’s regular schedule, which is already set to include four hour Simpsons blocks on Sunday nights.

Because certain contracts arranged in the early days of the series (when cable reruns would’ve been an afterthought at best), The Simpsons was not able to be syndicated on cable networks until this year. Last November, FXX won the bidding war to aquire the rights for a gargantuan $750 million. The arrangement also includes making the entire Simpsons archive available for streaming on-demand via the FXNow app.

Source: Variety

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