The long-awaited Half-Life fan film Beyond Black Mesa is finished and available to view right now.

The crew of 7 working on high-quality Half-Life fan film Beyond Black Mesa are finally done. Beyond Black Mesa was released to YouTube this week, so press play and check it out.

The film has been 2 years in the making, with a total budget of just $1,200. Beyond Black Mesa isn’t based on a particular Half-Life game, but is set in the Half-Life universe. It follows Adrian Shephard in the events that happen after his appearance in expansion pack Half-Life: Opposing Force. The non-official events, anyway.

5 years after the disaster at the Black Mesa facility, Shephard is on the run. He and a couple of other survivors make their way through some of Half-Life‘s environments that are scattered with nods to the game such as health packs and various symbols. With all of the explosions, special effects, and accurate Half-Life 2 soldier costumes, this doesn’t look like a film made for $1,200.

Beyond Black Mesa features plenty of gunplay and a couple of fight sequences, though one might get a little too ninja-ey for my taste. Altogether, it’s an amazing piece of work, and I actually found myself wanting more once it was over. A film of this quality with such attention to detail deserves to be longer than 12 minutes. Someday, perhaps.

Source: Beyond Black Mesa

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