The Valve commander-in-chief says that his company might make games for the PS3 if only it were more like a Mac.

Valve’s antipathy towards the PS3 has been well-chronicled by this point. However, it doesn’t appear as though Valve’s recent switch to developing for Apple PCs necessarily indicates any plans to add platforms to its console development as well.

Speaking with 5 by 5, Valve big man Gabe Newell said that the developer of Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life tried to gauge where platforms were headed in the future – hence the switch to a Mac-friendly development cycle.

“Platform investments, like the Mac, are difficult because you have to be aware of what direction that platform is moving. We need to target platforms that do a better job of looking like where we want to be in a few years,” he said.

Macintosh computers, yes. PS3s? Nah, not so much. “We would love to see the PS3 be more open like a Mac than more closed like a Gamecube. It makes it easier to justify those investments if that were the case.”

I have to admit, Gabe, I didn’t see that comparison coming. Granted, I’m no developer, but Apple isn’t exactly known as being particularly open-platform friendly. What makes the Mac more open than the Gamecube?

(Via ScrawlFX)

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