Gaikai Open Beta Could Begin in Ten Days


Gaikai founder Dave Perry says the cloud-based gaming service could be ready to go into open beta is as little as ten days.

Gaikai, the cloud-based service that will one day go head-to-head with OnLive, is already several months behind its competitor but could see the light of day in less than two weeks. When it does hit, it will bring with it a very popular game: Mass Effect 2, which Perry said he chose because it’s the “highest rated PC game in the past year. I want to see what happens when you give people a good game: how long do they stick with it, how long do they play…”

He didn’t discuss how long the open beta will run but said the system will be ready for launch when it does. In fact, he said that when Gaikai goes into full launch it will “probably still be public beta but with more products.” He said he already has Split/Second running on his iPod with Gaikai automatically translating the device’s tilt steering functionality, and revealed that Gaikai-exclusive games will be coming. One is in the works right now, he added.

“I can’t tell you who because of an NDA, but there’s a top-five publisher making a game right now. A mass market game. They see the potential: If you can place your games all over the web, thinking mass market, then you want to make it as easy as you can to let people experience it and find out about it,” he said. “Then you can either stick with you’ve got today and just toss it out there or embrace the [Gaikai] idea and run with it. I think more publishers will go down that road and start developing for it.”

Source: Edge

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