Gain Levels Fast With This Easy Witcher 3 XP Exploit

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Gain levels the easy way with these Skellige Isles XP exploits found in The Witcher 3.

We’ve found two ways to cheat the system and farm for experience points — if you’re into that sort of thing. One involves endlessly slaughtering a massive cyclops, while another is all about losing fights instead of winning. Both earn a similar amount of XP, but if you’re hungry to gain fast levels late in The Witcher 3 and don’t feel like questing, check out the two methods listed below.

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How to Get Infinite XP – Exploit Guide

Work-In-Progress: These exploits were tested with the current 6/25 patched version on PC/Console.

Both of the methods listed below are found in the Skellige area. To access, travel to Novigrad and speak with the ship captains at the docks. One will agree to take you for 1,000 coin.

Method #1:

Arriving in Skellige, travel to the main island and explore the eastern coast to find a Place of Power with a cave guarded by a cyclops. The cyclops is Level 30, so don’t attempt this exploit until you’re in the mid-level range.

This giant cyclops opponent respawns every time Geralt meditates. Just meditate a single hour nearby and the cyclops will reappear.

To make XP gain easy, make sure to check your bestiary entry and use the proper oil. Try turning down the difficulty level, too.

Cyclops give 50~ XP per kill. That’s about 3,000 XP every half-hour.

Method #2:

While still on Skellige, complete a few sidequests: Possession and The Lord of Undvik. This unlocks the King’s Gambit quest.

To start these quests, travel to Kaer Trolde and check out the New Port Inn. Talk to the keeper and some of the patrons, then follow the trail to Undvik. That begins The Lord of Undvik mission. Talk to Udalryk to start the Possession quest.

Starting King’s Gambit, take the stairs down into a large hall. As you reach the bottom of the steps, look right for a brawl. Talk to the purveyor to enter a fist fight.

Don’t win this fight. Take off all your armor to lose faster and avoid armor degradation. After losing the fight, Geralt earns an easy 50 XP.

Skip the dialogue and continue talking to the purveyor to re-enter this fight endlessly. Just like the entry above, it’s possible to quickly earn 50 XP a pop.

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