Gale Force Nine Previews New D&D 5th Edition Accessories


Spell cards, character tokens, miniatures and more for Dungeons and Dragons are on the way from Gale Force Nine.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is upon us, with the starter set already out and the new Players’ Handbook hitting shelves on August 19. To help your game run smoothly, Gale Force Nine has previewed several of their new D&D 5th accessories for both players and Dungeon Masters. Spell decks for the new edition, character tokens, miniatures and a DM Screen will all be available, beginning later this month.

Gale Force Nine will be releasing six new spell decks for D&D 5th, one deck for each magic-using class. Each deck contains all the cantrips and spells for the class. The first three decks, for paladin, arcane magic, and rangers, will be available in late August. The remaining three, for the bard, druid, and cleric, are due out in late September. The ranger and paladin decks are the smallest, with just 45 cards each, and the arcane deck is the largest at 230 cards. The spell cards are laminated and rigid, and can be written on with dry erase markers. Each deck is color-coded for easy identification and includes the full text for each spell.

Gale Force Nine has also revamped its character tokens for 5th Edition. The acrylic tokens, which have a dry erase-friendly front and felt backing, are used to mark status effects such as stunned, charmed, and prone. “For 4th edition, we produced these for each class separately, but with the streamlining of the rules, one single set gives players everything that any character might need to help keep track of during gameplay,” says John-Paul Brisigotti, managing director of Battlefront Miniatures. Also included in the token set is a character tile that can be used with dry erase markers, a convenient spot to track hit points and other values that change often. The token set will be available in late August.

The final sets of accessories announced by Gale Force Nine are six miniatures and a DM screen based on the first module for D&D 5th Edition. The first module is Hoard of the Dragon Queen, an adventure bringing heroes from all factions together to fight against a cult intent on freeing Tiamat from her prison. The first pair of miniatures are Pharblex the bullywug shaman, and Sandesyl, a vampire moon elf. The second set includes four cult leaders from the module. Both sets of miniatures and the DM screen will be out in September.

Other accessories on the way from Gale Force Nine include miniatures of large enemies, including the Hill Giant, a Behir, and a Remorhaz. Miniatures based on the multi-author Sundering series of novels and the Neverwinter Online MMORPG are also planned for release later this year.

Source: Gale Force Nine

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