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A game breaking Fallout 4 bug has been reported for all platforms.

Multiple gamers have reported a bug in Fallout 4 that causes the game to crash.

The bug, which was identified by a number of posters on a variety of different forums, appears to be linked to the Monsignor Plaza settlement quest.

“Been playing for around 10 hours now with no problems and now doing a Settlement quest where I have to go to Monsignor but everytime I go there it crashes straight to the desktop without any error message, there isn’t one in the Event Viewer either,” wrote one user on Bethesda’s forums.

“I cannot enter the area between C.I.T Ruins and Monsignor Plaza from any angle without crashing,” said another on Steam. “This is prevalent as multiple important story missions take place there. My game doesn’t crash anywhere else. Multiple other people have been having the same issue, on all platforms. Anyone have an idea as to why this would be happening?”

The issue does not appear to be platform-exclusive, with reports of the game-crashing bug being present for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users alike.

Fallout 4 released on November 10.

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