1,000 developers listed their twenty favorite games, and a certain mustachioed plumber didn’t even make the top fifteen.

A recent survey given to game developers awarded BioWare’s beloved game series Baldur’s Gate top honors as the best game series of all time, winning out over second place runner up, Diablo, and third place winner, Monkey Island. I know everyone’s aching to cheer and/or groan at what else was included, so without further ado, here’s the full list:

1) Baldur’s Gate (series)
2) Diablo (series)
3) Monkey Island (series)
4) Shadow of the Colossus
5) Mass Effect (series)
6) Batman: Arkham Asylum
7) StarCraft
8) The Legend of Zelda
9) EverQuest
10) Devil May Cry
11) Tomb Raider (series)
12) BioShock
13) Metal Gear Solid
14) World of Warcraft
15) Deus Ex
16) Super Mario (series)
17) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
18) Silent Hill
19) Assassin’s Creed
20) Dead Space

The poll was conducted by The World Gaming Executive network for the first issue of its WGE magazine. While the publication may be new, the organization itself has been around for four years and includes over 30,000 members. You may have never heard of the WGE, but Blizzard, Apple, Virgin Games, and Ubisoft are but some of the larger developers already included in its network.

All in all, while there are a few surprises to be had (and some obvious exclusions), I think we’ve all read multiple “best games of all time” lists far worse and nonsensical than this one. I was even impressed by the variety of styles and genres represented, spanning everything from point-and-click adventure to first-person-shooters. Since games are subjective, there’s never going to be a list that’s a perfect fit for everyone–especially one that’s made from 1,000 different people’s opinions–but hey, I’ve seen worse. Only one thing really stands out to me: Not one of these games was made for the App Store.

Source: Eurogamer

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