Game Industry Grows $132,000 for Movember


The fabulously mustachioed men and women of the videogame industry have raised over $132,000 for Movember.

Movember isn’t just an excuse for men to get sexy, you know. Behind all that luscious machismo lies a very good cause: raising awareness and funds to support research into treatments for prostate and testicular cancer. They’re not as flashy as boobs but they’re the parts we’ve got, so we do what we can with ’em.

And the videogame industry, bless its heart, has done a lot. The Movember Gaming Challenge raised a whopping $132,716, thanks to the efforts of 1082 Movemberers spread across 41 teams. Leading the way was Team EA, with $17,862 raised, followed ever-so-closely by Ubisoft Montreal with $17,053. Nintendo U.S. was next at $10,451, and then Dynamic Stashes, perhaps more familiar as Crystal Dynamics, at $9731, and Ubisoft Toronto, which put up $6857.

We here at The Escapist fielded a Movember team of our own that you may have heard about, and led by the power of a stuffed penguin we rang up $387. Based on my calculations that places us just behind Forza Follices but well ahead of Fishstache. In your face, Fishstache!

Congratulations and a big thanks to everyone in the industry for growing it out in support of men’s health. Let’s do it again next year!

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