Japanese game music remixer and YouTube denizen Hyadain has revealed his true identity: professional composer Kenichi Maeyamada.

Hyadain, whose work originally debuted in 2008, has been known for creative remixes of famous game music, adding clever, generally humorous vocals and jokes about the game. Earlier this week he revealed his identity to the world, showcasing some of his professional work including the 11th opening to the long-running anime One Piece.

Despite his primarily silly repertoire, the revelation that Hyadain is a pro is little surprise to those who have followed his work. Some of his songs, such as his remix of the main Final Fantasy theme, showcased rather complex vocal work that your average fan isn’t going to be capable of performing.

While Maeyamada is primarily a composer, it’s nice to see the man behind the music can stand on his own voice. You can check out his full discography on his site.

Source: Destructoid

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