YouTube user Tolkfan has recreated Game of Thrones credits sequence with footage from StarCraft 2.

Outside of Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones’ credit sequence is arguably the most clever part of the show. It presents Westeros, the walled off north, and the lands across the sea as gigantic game board that emerges and unfolds to some of the most stirring theme music since Captain Planet. It conveys, without a word, both the scale and tone of the show; a story spanning continents and a conflict that many treat as a game rather than the life and death struggle it is. The point we’re driving at here is that it’s well done stuff.

Others, it seems, would agree. Fan and YouTube user Tolkfan recently took it upon themselves to recreate the show’s credit sequence using footage from StarCraft 2. The resulting video is fairly impressive, matching the original version beat for beat in many places. According to Tolkfan, assembling the video took “about a week” and the footage was captured in StarCraft 2’s cutscene editor. [The cutscene editor] allows me to capture/render Ultra quality footage at a constant framerate,” said Tolkfan. “With all the wide shots the cutscene has, it’s impossible to maintain a decent and constant framerate when using the traditional way of recording (playing it inside SC2 and frapsing).”

Tolkfan isn’t the first person to play with and recreate the Game of Thrones opening. In 2012, YouTube user bymatthewP posted a video mimicking the sequence with Legos. In a similarly blocky fashion, WesterosCraft, a group dedicated to rebuilding the lands of Westeros in Minecraft, also used it as loose inspiration to show off their work.

Source: YouTube

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