Pigs … On … Thrones!

Nothing beats mashing up two great franchises. It worked with LEGO Star Wars and Pony Effect 2, and it certainly works great in a series of drawings by comic book illustrator Yehudi Mercado. Mercado has worked in the videogame industry and heading up his animation studio in Austin, TX. He’s written and illustrated two graphic novels – Buffalo Speedway and Throne of Secrets – but his greatest achievement has to be these drawings of characters from George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones as Jim Henson’s lovable The Muppets.

As a fan of both A Song of Ice and Fire and The Muppets, I am uniquely equipped to appreciate the subtlety of Mercado’s work. Kermit Stark was a gimme, considering that both are the de facto main characters. Piggy as Cersei is a little strange, but the vanity connection makes sense, as it does with Link Hogthrob as Jaime. My personal favorite is Petyr Beakish and Dr. Varys Honeydew as the pair are seemingly working on the same side, although that’s about to … never mind.

Overall, I have to say that I had way more nostalgic fun with Mercado’s pictures than I probably will with the new Muppet movie coming out. I like Jason Segal as much as the next guy, but I don’t think he can pull this reboot off.

With this list of Game of Thrones pickup lines and Eddard Stark as weatherman, it looks like today is the day for Game of Thrones related humor popping up on the Internet. I gotta remember to mark my calendar for next year.

Source: Game of Thrones Muppets

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