Game of Thrones Joffrey Roast Recap Delivers Abundant King Slapping


HBO has released a Joffrey Roast Recap video compiling Game of Thrones‘ various moments of king-centric violence.

You almost have to feel sorry King Joffrey. Well, maybe not for the character, but you do have to feel a bit of sympathy for Jack Gleeson, the actor who plays him. From what we’ve heard he’s apparently a pretty decent guy in the real world. That said, thanks to his role in Game of Thrones he’ll probably be dealing with people snickering at the thought of slapping him for the rest of his life.

Case in point, watch this Joffrey Roast Recap and try not to smile. The video, released recently by HBO, compiles many of the various (and delightful) points in the series where someone has taken it upon themselves to crack the young king of Westeros right across his smug, venomous face. Accompanying that joyous spectacle are jokes at that character’s expense snagged from Twitter posts. Put shortly, we don’t have the willpower to keep a straight face and we’d be thoroughly impressed if you did.

Of course, the real treat for Game of Thrones fans will be the premiere of season four which is scheduled to air on April 6th. While we can’t be sure until it actually airs, something tells us we can probably expect the new season to deliver even more bashing of the boy king for Joffrey-loathers to love and then endlessly loop.

Source: YouTube

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