Game of Thrones Sort of Recaped in this 2-Minute Video


Could you recap all of Game of Thrones in just two minutes? Probably not, but neither can this guy.

The world of Westeros is complicated, which means you may be tempted to try to recap it in order to explain things to friends and loved ones who have yet to fall under George R. R. Martin’s thrall. We advise resisting that temptation. Beyond just having a lot to cover, the twisted plot lines probably mean you’ll wind up stumbling over your own words while your audience’s eyes grow increasingly glazed.

Instead of being that person, it’s a lot more entertaining to watch Slacktory try to be that person. (That is if YouTube channels could be people, and for the case of this metaphor we’re going to say they can.) This video’s attempts to cover the major plot points of Game of Thrones go about as well as you’d expect. (Read: we can’t recommend this for anyone who actually wants to get caught up on Game of Thrones. Get HBO Go instead!)

Obviously, spoilers are in the video above… but not as many as you might think.

Source: Slactory via io9

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