Every other week on Game People Calling, we’ll be bringing the best of our reviews, art and other novelties to The Escapist. This week we’re introducing Lottie Rose, the girl with concise prose and magical fingers.

Rather than write reviews like the rest of us she composes three line Haiku poems. Nothing hugely unusual there, not until she folds some related paper craft and photographs the vignette ready for publication. Confused yet? Hopefully the results below will make more sense.

But I wonder, are these reviews or just poetry? I like to think the more she does of them the more they seem like real reviews.

Lottie’s review of Super Mario Galaxy

Inertia pulls;
Camera foresees star-led
ingenious play.

imageAnd her review of Sim City on the iPhone

Moveable mayor
Ticky tacky game play
makes for micro fun.

imageAnd her review of LocoRoco on PSP

Tundra platform fun;
Tilt a gathering squishy
snowball your way home.

Game People is a rag tag bunch of artisans creating awesomely bizarre reviews from across the pond.

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