Jeff Veasey, the founder and longtime administrator of, announced he is beginning the process of slowly leaving the site in the hands of his associate.

“And so, the long goodbye begins. This is not the end of me, and definitely not the end of GameFAQs, but it is the beginning of my end. I’ve raised you well, GameFAQs. Now go, make me proud,” he wrote in a thread titled “The Long, Slow Goodbye” on the site’s boards.

Operator of the popular website since 1995, Veasey sold it to CNET in 2003 and began working jointly with the company. has been an invaluable resource for countless gamers looking for tips, tricks, guides and walkthroughs – produced and compiled by other gamers – without shelling out $15 to $20 on official printed guides.

Before he leaves, Veasey said he wanted to implement a number of improvements to the site, including screenshots and reader reviews.


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