Gameloft is working on a new title that’s remarkably similar to World of Warcraft.

If you haven’t heard of Gameloft, the company is primarily known for developing and publishing a mobile phone games, some of which are extremely reminiscent of titles made by other companies. One of Gameloft’s latest is a game called Order & Chaos, which likely takes inspiration from popular Blizzard MMO World of Warcraft.

Order & Chaos is an MMO for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Creating a portable MMO that’s similar to World of Warcraft is probably not a bad idea when it comes to sales. However, Order & Chaos is similar in such a way that it’ll make anyone with morals say: “Ugh.”

The Order & Chaos teaser trailer shows off environments and characters that look like they were copied and pasted practically straight from World of Warcraft. It features humans, night elves, undead (with mohawks), and orcs. Even the armor and weapon designs look familiar.

I’m not saying that Blizzard, or any company, has a monopoly on orcs, but given Gameloft’s track record I think it’s pretty safe to say the company thought it’d be a good idea to clone World of Warcraft, just as it did with previous titles that are similar to Starcraft and Uncharted. Take a look:

Should Gameloft be condemned for its actions? I, for one, wouldn’t mind playing a game like World of Warcraft or Starcraft on my phone, and Gameloft’s at least appear to be of decent quality. Still, it’s hard to support a company which is so blatantly taking ideas from other companies, even if those companies aren’t working on mobile versions of their games.

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