Gamer Inventories: Science Reveals the Truth


Rooster Teeth Labs has conducted a fascinating and extremely educational experiment demonstrating the real-world risks of carrying a gamer-sized arsenal.

In a typical shooter, the number of guns a player can carry is almost completely arbitrary. Some games toss a passing nod to realism by limiting the selection to two or three weapons but many others let gamers pack all the heat they can find. The pistol/shotgun/machine gun/rocket launcher/et al. dance should be familiar to just about anyone who’s ever made a desperate, last-ditch stand against an invading horde of alien scumbags, but have you ever stopped to think about what happens to all weaponry when you’re not waving it in someone’s face?

The team at Rooster Teeth Labs sure has, and so they decided to investigate. You may recall RT Labs as the cutting-edge science team that earlier this year showed us what happens when you try to drive a real-life car like a videogame; now it’s time to see what happens if you load up a real-life gamer like a videogame super-soldier. And while the result of piling 184 pounds of weapons, ammo and armor onto a pale-skinned, unmotivated button-mashed may not be terribly surprising or even instructional, it is amusing. And that’s my kind of science.

via: VE3D

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