What really goes on at pay-to-play-games-with-a-girl site GameCrush? One games writer went undercover to find out.

When we first learned about gaming-date site GameCrush about a year ago, many of us were derisive. It was a site where you paid money to play games with members of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you wanted) – who could be so lonely as to do that? Apparently, a lot of people.

But how did the site actually work? Could the girls (and guys) who signed on as PlayDates actually make money doing it? How long did it usually take for some lonely guy gamer to ask his female PlayDate to take off her shirt? Gaming Angels‘ Tiffany Nevin decided to see for herself, and what transpires is a genuinely fascinating look at one of the most uncomfortably fascinating sites for gamers online.

Today, if Player 3 had any cash, I think he would’ve been forking it over. (Yeah, I’m good.) I regaled him with incredibly-embellished stories of my college youth (which was actually two years ago) and he finally said, “I wish I wasn’t broke.” I knew he was. I used him for practice, I’ll admit it. I’m sitting here in my pajamas with my hair a mess and no makeup on. I’m not going on camera like that, even if you do pay me.

But thanks for the practice.

Actually, wait. He just agreed to a chat minus camera on my end. I know where this is going. We meet up, and then … well, to quote Elaine from Seinfeld:

He took it out.

I’m really too shocked to do anything. So, he does his thing. For 45 minutes. No one else was talking to me, so I let him, for lack of a better verb, use me.

The full thing is a pretty long read, but it’s also a very informative one, examining the economics of the situation – and comparing it to genuine amateur pornographic webcam shows – and interviewing other PlayDates of both genders.

If you’re interested, and you really should be, check out the full story over at Gaming Angels. And prepare to feel severe second-hand embarrassment.

(Gaming Angels)

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